Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Another Disco Voyage

Today I find myself, for the first time in awhile, listening and very much enjoying Voyage's 1977 self-titled album. This outstanding release is very solid from start to finish, with the album including classic cuts like ""From East to West", "Point Zero", "Latin Odyssey", and "Lady America" among others. This record was just one of the many incredible contributions that members of this disco group produced during their accomplished careers. Not only did this group produce a number of solid disco classics, members Marc Chantereau, Pierre-Alain Dahan, and Slim Pezin were also the brilliant minds behind the rare Disco & Co releases and the French cosmic disco group Arpadys. If there were a “Disco Hall of Fame”, you could be sure that these individuals would be some of the first to be inducted. With that being said, here is one of my personal favorite Voyage tracks in "Lady America". Enjoy!

Voyage - Lady America

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crotchbat said...

Hot stuff - thanks!

dsfdsf said...

Great tune from a great selection.