Friday, October 01, 2010

Cabana Disco Vol.03 Now Available Digitally!

With Cabana Disco vol.03 now out-of-print, I have made two of the three tracks available to purchase digitally (Including in .Wav format!) at The two tracks include my edits of John Ozila's "Funky Boogie" and Kabbala's "Ashewo Ara". I decided to only make two of the three tracks available in order to reward those that went out and purchased the vinyl. That being said, I am planning on repressing this record sometime in the next six months, therefore those that slept on it the first time will have the opportunity to purchase a copy. Also, next week I will be announcing my next release, which will be titled Athlete Edits vol.01 (Available this Fall), which will feature some of the previously unreleased edits that I have featured on this site. Therefore, stay tuned for that announcement. Until then, feel free to jump over to the Juno website and download a couple edits from the Cabana Disco series

Cabana Disco vol.03 Now Available on JunoDownload
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