Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cosmic Meteor Shower

As time has gone on and as I become more familiar with the group's music, the Finland based group Astro Can Caravan has certainly become one of my favorite modern-day experimental jazz bands. The band recently released a new album, which is currently only in CD format, called Planet Caravan off of Ricky-Tick Records. The funky album brings together elements of Ethio-Jazz, Afro-beat, and cosmic fusion grooves to produce a unique and explosive sound. The album also incorporates all three tracks that were included on the incredible 2009 twelve The Nagual Julian EP which was also released on Ricky-Tick Records, and a few of the songs that were featured on the group's hard-to-find 2005 album 21st Century Drifting Episode. Here is one of my favorite tracks off the new album in "Meteor Shower Gel", which is a good example of how this group continues to experiment and expand their own unique sound. The good news is that according to the Ricky-Tick label website, a vinyl version of the album will also be released sometime in the near future. Until then, enjoy this funky gem!

Astro Can Caravan - Meteor Shower Gel

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