Friday, February 05, 2010

More Funk from Nassau

The Beginning of the End will, rightfully so, forever be associated with the 1971 classic track "Funky Nassau". As this group continues to be recognized and appreciated for this dancefloor classic, many have forgotten or somewhat ignored their solid self-titled follow-up album, which was released in 1976. Now, this record doesn't have a track that can probably even stand up next to "Funky Nassau", however it would almost be impossible to duplicate such a great track. The record does contain plenty of solid gems to get excited about like "Super Woman", "That's What I Get", and "Jump in the Water". The self-titled record starts where the group's debut album Funky Nassau left off, with an overall feel-good funky soulful groove that made tracks like "Funky Nassau" and "Come Down Baby" such classics. Like I mentioned before, the group's 1976 self-titled album might not feature the group's signature cut, however the follow-up record is still very solid and definitely deserves some attention and praise. Here is my personal favorite track off the record in "Jump in the Water". Enjoy your weekend!

Beginning of the End - Jump in the Water

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Anonymous said...

I see we have the same tastes, just at the time mixing "Cosmic Sound" (I still have all the tapes of the time) and I have taken over 3 years. The passion never dies! If you like visit my blog and tell me what you think! Sound 70's will live forever!

ciao d.j. Alcide (the return of...)

don volcano said...

great track period. funky nassau is unto itself like so many iconic songs but i dig lesser known tracks like these from iconic groups. cheers!