Monday, February 08, 2010

Burned Sugar

It's Monday, which for the record, is my least favorite day of the week for obvious reasons. Anyways, I'm going to step a bit further outside the conventional "box" on this blog and post another amazing track, titled "Burned Sugar", from an artist I just can't seem to get enough of lately, and that's Sabu Martinez. The sixteen-plus minute funky Latin jazz cut is the title track to Martinez's three song album Burned Sugar: The Swedish Radio Recordings 1973, released in 2008 by the Swedish label Mellotronen. Until the more recent release of Burned Sugar, this collection of recordings was pretty much unable to be obtained. The Mellotronen label released at least four albums worth of lost and rare material from Martinez, that I know of, which represents much of the music he recorded during the final years of his life while he was living in Sweden. The records three tracks, "Burned Sugar", "Bernt", and "Mambollo", are all outstanding Funky Latin gems that feature plenty of congas, bongos, and heavy percussion alongside tasty electric piano, sax, and flute grooves. Overall, if you find yourself enjoying Sabu's classic Afro Temple record, than I highly recommend picking up a copy of Burned Sugar. In my opinion, the album represents some of the best funky Latin jazz that was ever recorded.

Sabu Martinez - Burned Sugar

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twza69 said...

Great Music!!!!!
Thanks for Introducing!
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greetz from Germany
twza (regular reader....)