Friday, May 15, 2009

Next Disco: Club Nouveau 2

Here is a great new mix that I thought readers of this blog might enjoy from my good friend and former Studio! resident deejay, H.M.A. (aka Cybertramp). Like he states, this mix tends to Take us somewhat backwards and forwards through time, highlighting some of the newer "Nouveau" disco cuts and older rarities. I know he would love to hear some feedback. Enjoy!

H.M.A. (Cybertramp) - Next Disco: Club Nouveau 2

1. No Way Back - Black Cock (Black Cock)
2. Stahl Rig - Petite Storm - In Flagranti (RVNG)
3. X-Factor - Patrick Cowley
4. Kuk Av Stål - Blackbelt Anderson
5. The Garden (Greg Wilson Version) - Yolanta Sy
6. Driving On Broadway - Supersonic Lovers
7. How Long - Lipps Inc.
8. My Way Or The Highway - The Beat Brokers
9. Mercurian (Main Mix) - Blackjoy
10. Are You Vegetarian? - Joakim
11. D.I.S.C.O. - Ottowan
12. Oh Missy (Extended) - Woolfy
13. Stairway To Heaven - The Wonder Band
14. My Baby's Baby - Liquid Gold
15. Black Jack - Baciotti
16. Just Take My Body - Rudy
17. Magic Bird Of Fire - Salsoul Orchestra

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dsfdsf said...

"My Baby's Baby"! A great cut. DLed solely on the merit of that tune.


professor Eddy said...

Yes, a very nice disco mix! The first track is an edit from The Dells, by the way, the best vocal group ever. Check out the original version (which is better than the edit, I think),

Debector: said...

killer mix, congratulations, i love it !!